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The Coolest Product In The World This Week

Something amazing every Sunday that you didn't know you needed

Brusho, More Fun Than A Barrel Full O' Monkeys

It's not easy to explain what Brusho really is. For all practical purposes, it's a watercolor. Of sorts. But unlike a traditional watercolor it's something that users of other media might very much enjoy, just because of its versatility and the way it can be used without a brush. We think it's very likely that Brusho could become a staple item for a large number of artists, particularly those that enjoy working with mixed media.

It's amazing really that it took 35 years for Brusho to cross the Atlantic from northern England to North America, but it's a difficult product to categorize accurately. We could go into technical details on the differences between Brusho and a traditional watercolor, but as it looks and acts for the most part like a watercolor, that's what we're going to call it. One caveat with that though- this will stain anything you get it on, so beware. Also beware of the lids, as Kaaty mentions in the video. It isn't necessary to pull the tab and release the lid- just stick a hole in the lid with a push pin, use it like a salt shaker and then re-plug the hole with the push pin.If you took the lid off and the jar got knocked over...you'd have a heck of a very fine dusty colorful mess on your hands. And possibly on your carpet. Forever, probably. If you're an artist who wants to really try painting loosely, give Brusho a shot. With every pot (including the stunning black) having minute traces of other colors, Brusho can produce unpredictable but beautiful effects while you still maintain control over the placement of the color. The possibilities are as big as your imagination with this fun color, and we think it's truly worthy of the title "The Coolest Product In The World This Week" The images in this article were painted by Joanne Boon Thomas, using Brusho. Joanne has a huge following in the UK and is now finding a number of new fans in the US. You'll find plenty of useful videos by Joanne online with some excellent figure and landscape tutorials.
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Our featured products at the moment include Brusho- our Coolest Product In The World This Month- and Golden's A-Z Acrylic sets. These sets, with the included exercises, are oftern referred to a a "workshop in a box". They contain a variety of different Golden acrylics as well as a range of pastes, gels and mediums with a view to giving the artist a good understanding of the properties of each type of product. There are several great videos on the product page.

Here's one of the videos from the series: