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Artists Needed! Help Write Your Definitive Guide
1773   2
Be a part of the story. No matter if you're a classic oil painter or a graffiti artist, your reviews are vitally important. With the help of artists everywhere we're compiling the greatest independent guide to art materials that there's ever been. Artists need and deserve...
7 Things to Try When Facing a Creative Block
3345   2
Who out there hasn’t experienced a creative slump? At some point every creative ends up facing a creative block. We can’t keep it from happening, but we can learn to cope effectively with it when it does. Otherwise, it’s too easy to fall into the head...
The Business of Art
291   0
There's a business end to being an artist. Consider the following: Once we've created a good work of art, how do we get it to the market? An artist’s “market” is a selected segment of the public. That segment is...
The Art Loft Takes Shape In Astoria
3060   1
In case you needed another reason (or excuse) to visit the stunning Oregon coastline, you just might have found it with the emergence of Astoria Art Loft. Jo Pomeroy-Crockett and Jeannette Gran-Davis have conveniently set their space above the well-stocked Dots n Doodles Art Supply in...
Joseph Tomelleri/Opah/Colored pencil
278   0
Colored pencils are a great, non-toxic artist's material which can be used in a number of different ways to achieve some very striking works- many rivaling oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, etc! Of course, they can also be used for simply making color sketches or drawings. Color can be built...
Your Art Can Help Save An Industry
2254   1
Remember neighborhood bookstores? Not long ago, it seems they were everywhere. Things started to change when the giants of Borders and Barnes & Noble came to town, and just as we'd gotten used to the idea of sitting down with a cappuccino and a free magazine...
Indio Hopes New Store Helps Spur Art Colony Downtown
3033   1
Originally published in The Desert Sun, written by Anna Rumer. When James Mancini and Michael Heath looked down Miles Avenue in Old Town Indio, they didn't see empty storefronts. They saw opportunity. The co-owners of Jack Farley's Art Supplies, which already had...